Terms and Conditions

By using Love Your Cleaning services, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions which apply to you, as the customer, in agreement with our respective cleaning contract:


“Love Your Cleaning” refers to our company name, “We” to our company, and “You” refers to you as the customer.


Bookings for Love Your Cleaning services must follow these Terms and Conditions which will not be altered in any form.


We are committed to protecting your privacy, and the information which is required from you, the customers, will be used exclusively in direct relation to your contract with us and for our private research purposes. We constantly update our security systems to ensure that all confidential information is protected.


We may choose to share client information with third parties, but regard this as confidential. Clients have the right to request copies of information we have regarding them. We do not share, loan, or sell personal information to any third party or use means of communication such as emails and personal addresses for spamming purposes.


All Love Your Cleaning fees are subject to VAT and customers will be given notice of any changes in pricing. Permitted payment methods include debit, credit, cheque, and cash.


If a service is cancelled before it is completed, we can refund the client provided we have sufficient notice.

Working Conditions

Love Your Cleaning complies with health and safety standards to ensure a secure workplace environment for our employees and clients.


In the event of a client not being satisfied with our performance, we are willing to discuss reimbursement and take up a case if necessary for quality assurance.


If Love Your Cleaning is responsible for accidental loss or damage based on negligence, we will provide compensation provided it is within the criteria of our company.

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